The Name Game

A company name and its slogan must work together. This is especially true if the business or product is a new one. Without a massive marketing budget and/or a well-established brand it would have been difficult to make even “Coke. It’s The Real Thing” work, right?

If your business name contains the type of product or service you provide, go ahead, be creative, your slogan could range from the general to the abstract.

Example 1: ScumSuckers Pool Cleaning, Inc…Nobody Does It Better!

Example 2: ScumSuckers Pool Cleaning, Inc…Who You Gonna Call?

Obviously, ScumSuckers cleans pools, so the business does not require further explanation. But if the company name was simply ScumSuckers, Inc. I better be a little more descriptive in my slogan line...

Not Good: ScumSuckers, Inc…Nobody Does It Better!

Good: ScumSuckers, Inc…Nobody Cleans Your Pool Better!
At least now I know what service the company provides.

Save yourself a lot of time and money trying to explain what it is you do. Develop a company name and modify it with a great slogan that does it all and your marketing and branding efforts have a lot better chance of succeeding.

Remember, great marketing begins at home.

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