Going Viral

Viral marketing. You’ve heard about it, but what is it? Simply stated, viral marketing or viral advertising is marketing strategies that use social networks to build brand awareness of a business or product. Uploading a promotional video to YouTube is a popular viral method. The whole idea is to get people to pass along the video to others, thus promoting your brand to a wider audience. And the best part is your only expense is in some minor production costs. What you do need to invest in, however, is the time to create a concept then find someone with a camera and some editing equipment.

Does it work? It does if you do a lot of things right — right concept especially. The most effective videos are those that offer high entertainment value or deliver traditional messages in totally unique ways.

Obviously you want the viewer to pass the video along to someone else, but you would also like that individual to remember your brand, and even look you up on the web for more information. That’s what Keynote is doing with our “Bob The Box” video. First we draw them in with cool, hip open and then offer some basic marketing tips. The ultimate goal is to use our ‘brand neutral’ BobTheBox.com website to drive them to one of our ‘brand’ sites: KeynoteMediaGroup.com or InsideTheBoxMarketing.com.

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Accent Media, LLC said...

Big props to BOB. This is the type of cutting edge thinking inside or outside the box that is sorely missing in local branding and marketing. As we have tried to show through our own webcast, and webcasts we have done for other clients, viral video is a huge stepping stone as an inexpensive technique to generate content about yourself, your company, your products, et. al.

We are proud to work with companies like Keynote Media, and anyone who believes in cutting edge and moving the bar higher.