Keynote Media Group Launches New Consulting Division

Taken from the Keynote Media Group KeynoteFocus blog, Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008:

Keynote Media Group starting a new consulting division? Why now? Well, it's rough out there. We see it. Our clients see it. Anybody who depends on customers coming in the door and making a buying decision surely sees it - and feels it! These are the times that will try the heart of any business owner, and forging anything less than a well-defined marketing strategy can be fatal! That's where Inside The Box Marketing enters the picture.

Through Inside The Box Marketing, clients will receive expert analysis of their past, present, and future marketing strategies. "We look at this as a marketing reality check," notes Richard Hahn, Keynote Media Group principal and creative director. "Many business issues have nothing to do with advertising. Most of the marketing issues we encounter all too frequently are related to basic branding."

An analysis by the Inside The Box Marketing team begins at the source, inside the box, inside the business itself.

Advertising issues such as media, budget and frequency are only part of the equation. Inside The Box Marketing delves into such fundamentals as location, signage, facilities and internal communications.

How about the 'big picture' stuff? You bet - brand perception versus brand reality for sure; what the competition is up to; are you utilizing 'new' media in the best way - if at all; is your staff on board with your vision...

By visiting a client's location, talking with the decision makers, and getting answers to some pretty important questions, Inside The Box Marking crafts a detailed marketing analysis, delivering specific recommendations on what needs to be done for better positioning and, ultimately, to increase revenue.

Does it take long? The time of the initial meeting with a client to delivery of our finished report takes ten days or less; the time required of the client decision maker is normally less than four hours. "[fast turn-around] is critical," cites Hahn.

In the marketing universe, the phrase thinking outside the box, however ubiquitous and misused, has its place. It is our belief, however, that you must think and act inside the box. Get to the heart of the matter; resolve those 'brand-busting' issues before sinking more time and money into strategies that just aren't cutting it. Inside The Box Marketing will help you get your house in order.

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